Alice Frederick ’17’s #PP55 Experience at Community Day Schools in MA

January 2019: “There are two facets to the teamwork that have defined my P55 year so far:
1. Co-teaching. At Community Day schools, two teachers are placed in each classroom…we can co-lead lessons, devote more individual attention to our students, and share lesson planning, making materials, managing behaviors, and communicating with families. As a brand new teacher, I also get to observe an experienced teacher daily and learn from her example.

Photo of a classroom where several students are seated at desks and writing for an assignment. Alice is leaning toward a student's desk and providing written feedback while another adult is poised to provide feedback for another student. The writing utensils for each adult are circled in red - a markup done by the veteran teacher
Alice Frederick’17 (in black, on the right) with Community Group students and her co-teacher (in blue, left)

2. Coaching. This photo was taken by our ‘coach,’ a veteran teacher, to praise how we were actively circulating to give students written feedback on independent work with exemplar answer keys in hand. The advice that she and other administrators give me during observations help me climb the steep learning curve of first-year teaching. Since August, I have had many joyful and sweet experiences with my students. I have also had many overwhelming, frustrating, and heartbreaking ones. I don’t know if this is something I want to do forever. But I know that as long as I’m trying, I have a team, and I’m not alone.”

Learn more about Alice and the rest of her Project 55 Fellowship cohort by reading their bios in On the Path, the Fellowship directory.

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