Natalie Larkin ’18’s #PP55 Experience @ Mathematica Policy Research, Bay Area

LArkin 2
Natalie and her colleague-turned-roommate, Sara Pittman, pose for a selfie in front of City Hall.

November 2018: “Every day, I get to work next to (but not in, despite the misleading picture) the beautiful Oakland City Hall, close to the beautiful Lake Merritt, in the beautiful Bay Area, at Mathematica Policy Research as a first level programmer. Of the many things I am thankful for in adulthood, a main one is a colleague who turns into a friend who turns into a roommate – who will even take dorky pictures in front of City Hall with you when in a crunch and you realize you have failed to document almost any part of adulthood.

Larkin 1
Natalie Larkin ’18, PP55 Fellow at Mathematica, in front of Oakland City Hall, which she gets to work next to every day.

The Wild, Wild West is a big change from cozy Princeton, but one way I have gotten to know the city I work in is to work for it. One of my main projects is an evaluation of the City of Oakland’s “Oakland Unite” violence prevention grant, where I have had the chance to work with all kinds of fun local administrative data (actually fun!). Learning about the ways the city looks from the ground up to help foster positive growth and healing has been rewarding and the best Bay Area crash course I could hope for. In the months to come I can’t wait for more fun data and more fun dorky selfies with new pals!

Learn more about Natalie and the rest of her Project 55 Fellowship cohort by reading their bios in On the Path, the Fellowship directory.


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