#PP55 Experience of Ava Torjani ’18 at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Ava Torjani ’18, Fellow at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital with Danica Stone, who was her manager at the time.

November 2018: “It’s been a valuable experience being a telehealth coordinator, talking to patients from all walks of life and using technology to improve healthcare accessibility, as well as working with physicians, nurses, and administrators to ensure high standards of patient care. I’ve also had the chance to help with clinical research in the ED department and a multi-site study regarding the effectiveness of telehealth in improving patient outcomes. This week, I attended the SEARCH conference with my team in San Diego, filled with exciting research and talks surrounding telehealth (and lots of good food and warm weather!). I’m excited to see the multi-disciplinary trajectory of telehealth in meeting patient needs while addressing corporate demands of hospitals and health insurance companies.”

Learn more about Ava and the rest of her Project 55 Fellowship cohort by reading their bios in On the Path, the Fellowship directory.

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