A Different Perspective on Impact

Monica Magalhaes
Monica Magalhaes ’17, Project 55 Fellow at Vital HealthCare Capital, New York City, NY.

Monica Magalhaes is from Newark, New Jersey. At Princeton, she majored in Psychology and minored in Global Health and Health Policy as well as Gender and Sexuality Studies. She has always had a particular interest in the humanization of health care, especially in terms of caring for vulnerable populations. During her time at Princeton, Monica volunteered with several international organizations exploring different health care delivery systems. She is excited to continue pursuing this interest as a Fellow at Vital Healthcare Capital, where she hopes to learn more about the financial and development aspects of providing quality healthcare.

I want a career that does not feel like a job, but an extension of my being. A career where I wake up every morning feeling I have purpose. A career that is meaningful and fulfilling. If we are to typically work the majority of our lives, I want my career path to have an impact on our world.

What does that look like?

At the start of my college journey, it looked like our doctors, our teachers, our nurses, our counselors. My understanding of an impactful career was that it was those on the frontlines, providing direct services to those in need, creating change from the bottom-up.

Post-graduation and a bit past the halfway mark of the Project 55 Fellowship, an impactful career still looks like those working on the ground; but it also includes those facilitating and improving the efforts of those on the frontlines, creating change from the top-down.

Monica outside in NYC
Monica outdoors in New York City during her Fellowship year.


My Fellowship placement at Vital Healthcare Capital has shown me what the public service profession can look like from the top-down. V-Cap is an organization trying to clear the financial roadblocks in the way of providing high quality direct care. It provides financing and development services in support of integrated, person-centered models of care.

I’m learning that direct provision and facilitation are both necessary in creating lasting impact. I’m learning about finance as a tool for social good. I’m learning that there is a lot more to learn.

There is a lot more to explore, to discover, to grow.

Do I know what my impactful career will be? No, I don’t quite know yet. For now, all I know is that it looks like a dedication to service and social good.


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