Empowering Women at “All in Together”

Maylin Meisenheimer ’16 grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas. She majored in the Woodrow Wilson School with a focus on international institutions and global governance. She also received a certificate in East Asian Studies, and is fluent in Mandarin. In the future, Maylin hopes to attend law school or pursue a graduate degree in international relations. Here she shares about her first few months as a Project 55 Fellow at All in Together.

Maylin (far right) and the three AIT co-founders (from left to right) Edda Collins-Coleman, Lauren Leader-Chivée and Courtney Emerson ’10 at the AIT Women in Healthcare Policy Forum in Cambridge, MA.

Since June, I have been working at All In Together (AIT) in New York City. AIT is a nonpartisan nonprofit focusing on empowering women’s voices in the political and civic sphere and closing the gender gap in political representation. Our team is very small, so I’ve been given the opportunity to take ownership of several projects, which has been very rewarding. One of my most memorable experiences was when my supervisors took me to Philadelphia to attend the Democratic National Convention. We partnered with several other non-profits to host an event at the DNC, and I was given the opportunity to not only work on that event but also attend the convention at night. In September, we held our first-ever Women in Healthcare Policy Forum in Cambridge, MA and had over 130 women attendees from both the public and private sector. It was an incredible event, and I felt very proud since I had worked extensively with my boss to organize and plan the forum.

Maylin (right) with her co-worker at the beginning of her tenure at AIT

I feel very fortunate to be working at AIT because of how flexible and helpful my supervisors have been. I’ve learned a lot by just listening to them during meetings and conference calls, and they’ve been very willing to give me feedback and answer questions. Although I learned a lot at Princeton, it seemed like most of my skills were quite abstract. Now, I feel more confident in a professional setting, and I believe that working at AIT has given me real-world skills that will be useful in the future. It has also strengthened my passion for civic engagement, and I am even more committed to working in the nonprofit sector one day. I am still planning on attending grad school, but now I feel like I have more direction in my future studies. I have been researching gender inequality in several fields, and I am more aware of how pervasive the problem continues to be. Moving forward, I would like to continue working on these issues, and I believe that my time at AIT will influence my future career path.


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